2024 Membership Info


Membership provides the household a subscription or membership to the Ambulance.  We provide 911 service to the reasonably closest ER only.  We are not licensed for non-emergent transports to office visits.  Membership results in us accepting your insurance payment as payment in full.  Very few insurances pay 100% of our billed amount.  If you are a member, whatever your insurance pays we accept as payment in full and you do not get balance billed.  This calendar year, we have billed $3,671,000 for services delivered.  We have been payed $970,000.

We are a private nonprofit that provides a public service.  We have to maintain financial viability.  Insurance does not pay us our full amount.  We are operating in a financial deficit.  We are having difficulty staffing our units without a ridiculous amount of overtime.  We have received less grant monies last year than ever.  We have approached the Township for some assistance, and they have graciously obliged.  Thank you Muhlenberg Township!  It is a national problem, not just a Muhlenberg problem.  I am proud to say that we provide top quality care to our community.  We will do all we can to continue that for as long as possible.  I wish to thank Muhlenberg Township, the Muhlenberg Lion’s Club, our community we proudly serve and all of our great staff.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us through our website, phone, or facebook page.


Thank you for your patience and continued support

Single (One Person) Membership – $50.00

Household Membership – $70.00

Enter each family member’s name in the NOTES box on payment page.